Every story has begun its’ journey as cloud of dust. You first asked the name of the person you’ve met. Then, this cloud of dust started to condense and unite. At that point, you knew the past, interests and habits of each other with that person. When you were able to complete each others’ sentences, you were two planets in their own orbits that turned around each other’s center of energy; friendship. Now, as two planets you were part of the galaxy you created together. That’s how Project Versus was born.

The story has begun when seven different characters met each other in the first year of university. First, they only knew each others’ names. Later, as they spent time together on projects, exams and outside, they were very fond of each other and became inseperable pieces of a whole.

When they were seniors at college, life has decided to take them from close friendsip to colleagues. Their already existing dream was turning into reality. These seven people were going t ocontinue their friendship as coworkers. With the experience of working together for years, they began their journey to make their dreams come true. The project they worked on for a class was going to become reality and through this process, they were going to work together and form their first product all together. They were graduated now and work life was just around the corner.

The most important qualification they had in their work discipline was the whole they formed with their individual talents. All those differences got them together in one point; team spirit. Regardless of their own orbits, they never gave up on their energies and contributed to their galaxy with full potential.

Project Versus was born from the unique energy of seven different souls. The planets you have seen on the website were a symbolic telling of this story. With seven different planets and their manifesto in the middle, they continue to learn and improve themselves all together. Through their journey, they have one aim; getting stronger by developing products that are useful to the people and the world…